3 Ways To Get Motivated When You Don’t Want To Workout

3 Ways To Get Motivated When You Don’t Want To Workout

Hey Sexy,

People assume that because I’m a health and fitness coach and I’m fit that I am always in the mood to workout.  So not true! Sometimes I dread it. Today, for example, working out was the last thing I wanted to do. Seriously. I was tired and distracted by a long list of things to do before we head out of town.  Not to mention the pain attacks I had all morning.

So how did I psych myself into exercising anyways? Honestly, I’m not always able to convince myself to get it done, but I would say that I’m successful 9 out of 10 times.  This is how I convince myself to exercise when I don’t want to.


Having on workout clothes takes you one step closer to the finish!  If you’re already on the fence about your workout, eliminating even one obstacle (or excuse) will help you follow through. For those of you who workout early in the morning, place your workout clothes by your bed or in the bathroom. If you exercise after work, change clothes before you leave the office so that you’ll begin to get in the mindset.


This helps me on the most difficult days.  I remind myself to just start doing something – if you do something….anything!…then something will happen.  That means taking one step towards your yoga mat, towards your computer to press play, or toward the gym door. And I tell myself that if I still feel the same after 10 minutes, then I can quit.  I never have.   I suppose it follows Newton’s first law of motion: an object in motion stays in motion. So get in motion!


My big, fat hairy WHY is that I have a lot of living I want to do and I want the energy, stamina, strength, and mobility to thrive every single moment that I’m breathing.  This influences my decisions about both working out and eating. That’s my WHY, but it’s different for every person.  Take a moment to think about your real reason for wanting to be healthy and fit.  It has to be larger than wanting to fit in jeans or attend a class reunion (although they can be the spark that ignites your fire), because if that’s it ,then when you fit in those jeans or the reunion is over your motivation will disappear.

So what’s your big, fat, hairy WHY?