7 Ways I Like To Unwind On Weekends

I love weekends! When I worked outside the home, in particular, I confess that I would look forward to walking in my front door, closing it behind me, and perhaps not showering for 48 hours. And now that I work from home, I still get excited for the weekend. I work hard throughout the week with clients and team members, and it’s just nice to have a change of pace when Friday night rolls around. Plus, it’s always great to have George at home since he’s typically out the door at 4:30am and back around 7:00pm.

Although the weekend has 60 hours, it often goes by so fast because it’s split among family and friend time, grocery shopping, household chores, yard work, workouts, Costco runs, and many other things that come up. Before you can blink, it’s Monday morning and you start feeling the anxiety of the week all over. While all those activities are necessary and some are hopefully enjoyable, you still need time that’s dedicated to you.

I’ve discovered that it helps to be intentional when it comes to planning your weekend so that among all the things on your to-do list, you protect well-deserved time for yourself. To be intentional means that you are making a conscious and thoughtful choice about your life and then acting with a sense of purpose. Here are 7 ways that I intentionally care for myself during weekends:

1. Go for a walk without a phone. There’s a lot to be said for unplugging while you’re outside in nature. You will be amazed how the breeze in the trees and the smell of fresh cut grass will be magnified without the distraction of your phone.

2. Take a long, relaxing bath. Grab your bath salts, bubble bath, a glass of wine and your candles. Dim the lights and feel stress dissolving from your body.

3. Have a standing date night. When you have so many grown-up responsibilities, it’s easy to forget to be romantic. Create the time and space for meaningful, intimate connection.

4. Eat healthy meals. It’s tempting to splurge all weekend and eat anything and everything, but trust me…you will feel worse on Monday if you do that. Instead, eat balanced meals that include lean protein, fresh fruits and veggies, and unrefined whole grains like brown rice and steel-cut oatmeal.

5. Have a guilt-free treat. I’m not huge on deprivation, so while most of your meals should be healthy, it’s okay to have a treat occasionally. And enjoy it with no guilt! (Guilt is nothing but stress rooted in the past. Who needs that?!)

6. Don’t over-schedule. Of course, I know you want to get things done and be productive, but don’t fill every minute of the weekend with errands and tasks. In fact, block some time off so there is nothing scheduled. Yes, I said it… NOTHING scheduled!

7. Plan your YOU time. Now, take that blocked off time and do something that you want to do – not something your partner or kids or parents want to do. Perhaps read your favorite book with a cup of tea; get a mani/pedi; listen to music and dance uninhibited; have a glass of wine and sit on the porch; practice yoga; write in a journal; and of course, find any reason to laugh. Do whatever sounds perfect for you!