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Almond Flour Blueberry and Lemon Muffins

Yields12 ServingsPrep Time5 minsCook Time25 minsTotal Time30 mins

This recipe was inspired by It is gluten-free, grain-free, clean, lower in carbs, moist and the best almond flour muffins I’ve ever had! Perfect for a grab-and-go breakfast, brunch or a mid-day snack.

Almond Blueberry Muffins

 2 cups Almond Flour
 2 Eggs
 2 Egg whites
 ¼ cup Maple syrup
 ½ tsp Lemon juice
 1 tsp Vanilla extract
 2 tbsp Coconut oil
 1 cup Blueberries

Pre-heat oven to 350 F.


Place all ingredients excluding blueberries into your food processor and blend until smooth.


Once completely mixed fold in blueberries.


Spray muffin tin or mini muffin tin with a healthy, non-stick cooking spray.


Evenly scoop batter into muffin tin.


Bake for 25 minutes.


Remove from oven and place on cooling rack.

Vegan Substitution

To make these vegan use 1 tsp baking soda and 1/4 cup of apple sauce in place of the eggs

Nutrition Facts

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