Watermelon Refresher ShakeologyAhhhhh…there’s nothing like sitting on the back step of your house with a slice of watermelon! Farm life was the best and this was how we spent many hot days!
Orange Creamsicle ShakeologyI grew up in Texas and there was nothing like frozen popsicles, which where always a hit on hot summer days. Creamsicles were at the top of my list – the tangy taste of the orange mixed with the sweet cream filling was a perfect combination.
Pina Colada ShakeologyPina Coladas use to be my JAMMMM! I would always order them on nights out with friends or on vacation, and I would suck it down in a matter of minutes. Another please! This, of course, is a healthy version, but you won’t miss a thing (okay…maybe the rum!)!
Vanilla Berry Delight ShakeologyWhen I was growing up, my brother and I would venture out for hours to pick wild blackberries. We would come home and the first thing I would do is mix a bunch with vanilla ice cream. This creamy delight takes me back to my childhood!
Pumpkin Pie ShakeologyThis is my FAV of ALL time! I always love the holidays when Starbuck’s offers it’s holiday drinks, and the Pumpkin Spice Latte was once at the top of my list every day. But with this shake, I don’t even miss Starbuck’s at all – and this is good for me!
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